Hosted by Ashley Rae, the Be a Foster Podcast is initiating real conversations with individuals, families, institutions, organizations, and political leaders around the globe to share different initiatives, resources, and real-life stories about foster care from a variety of perspectives. One of those perspectives is that of our state Governors and political leaders. Through the From the Capital series, the hope is to eventually visit with Governors or political leaders from each of the 50 states to provide a better understanding of 1) the overall state-specific impacts of the foster care system, and 2) any initiatives set in place to address the cause and to decrease the need for foster care, while supporting Foster Families and advocating for the children in the Foster Care system. Whether it’s an individual or family with a personal story, an institution or organization with a service or support outlet, or a political leader with an initiative, the hope is to inspire those impacted by foster care to make an impact and be a voice through the Be a Foster Podcast. Make an Impact. Be a Voice.