Our Founders

“Do you want to be pregnant, or do you want to be parents?” It was this question that God placed on our hearts while in prayer that changed the course of our lives forever. As a couple who has been impacted by infertility, this question reminded us that it’s not blood that makes a family, it’s LOVE that makes a family, and we are called to love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Infertility didn’t prevent us from answering our call to become parents. It just changed HOW we became them and WHO we became parents to. Our “inability” to conceive gave us the “ability” to recognize that God had a different plan for our lives and for our family; a plan that led us down the path of adoption and foster care.

Through our journey as adoptive parents to our three-year-old son, Micah, and foster parents to our three younger foster children, we were called to launch the BE A FOSTER Movement for the more than 2.7 million children in foster care globally who are in need of a loving foster family; many of whom are also in need of a forever home.